12 Tips and Tactics for Creating Effective Mobile Learning

Posted by Amanda Holm on Mar 21, 2014 3:16:11 PM

1. Don’t just repurpose e-learning, design a program for mobile device.Mobile Learning on the ipad

  •  If you deliver learning to a mobile device the same way you deliver it to a desktop computer, you miss the point of having a mobile device to begin with.

2. Design learning for mobile learning in a method that fits it best, because people tend to use mobile devices:
  • In short intense bursts
  • When they need information right away
  • In down-time, such as between appointments
  • To retrieve information that may not be at their fingertips
  • To get information that is current or time-sensitive
3. Use mobile devices to provide information to help people to perform better.
  • For example a major car manufacturer uses mobile devices to support mechanics certified to repair their cars with tips and reminders at the moment of need
4. Design learning that can be used during “in between” times in 3-5 minute intervals
  • Try using smaller chunks of context-independent content that can be understood out-of-order

5. Consider delivering content in stages and over time to build awareness, learn, apply, and reinforce.

6. Integrate mobile learning into actually doing the job, providing performance support for different phases of key tasks

7. Deliver a stream of constantly updated content that builds capabilities, skills, and knowledge over time

  • Your goal is to use mobile devices to provide information for better job performance

8. Combat the Forgetting Curve by providing reminders and reinforcement over time

9. Game-like approaches can work very well—people love playing games on their devices

  • However, games often require a bigger investment of time than your learners can provide

10. Make sure the content is relevant and immediate-- mobile is not the tool for deep thinking

11. Replace learning objectives with What’s In It For Me (WIFMs)-what will I be able to do by using this tool?

  • By the way, this works for NON-mobile learning, too!

12. Make sure the technology used works on the appropriate platform or platforms for your target users

These tips were pulled from PDG resources on mobile learning. For additional information click on the following links: 

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