Becoming a Business Partner Tip # 4: Link Learning and Performance Interventions to Business Impact

Posted by Rich Mesch on Oct 16, 2009 1:37:00 PM

by Sherry Engel

According to an ROI Institute study of Fortune 500 CEOs, 96 percent of executives want to see the business impact of learning; yet only 8 percent receive it now. Similarly, 74 percent of executives want to see ROI data, but only 4 percent have it now.

Ok…I’m going a bit out of order with my tips (this is actually Tip # 4 in my series), but I saw this fact and just had to share! In order to become a successful business partner (remember, that’s our goal!), we need to “speak the business speak” and we do that by talking in terms of business impact. A great new resource is hitting the presses on October 28th. Jack and Patti Phillips are releasing a new book titled "Measuring for Success: What CEOs Really Think About Learning Investments". According to the ROI Institute website, “This book shows what executives are requiring and requesting and in the future will be demanding. In simple, easy terms, the book shows how to provide what executives need.” 

Evaluation is not something that is just done at the end of a project. As you are analyzing the business, performance and learning needs, you should be planning and designing your evaluation strategy. Jack and Patti Phillip’s book titled “Beyond Learning Objectives” is another great resource for planning and evaluating at all levels from reaction, to learning, to performance to business impact to ROI. 

 Next week, we will go back and start at Tip # 1:  Know Your Client Inside and Out.

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